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Courtesy Payroll Instructions

Courtesy Payroll Instructions

The following are the procedures for utilizing the courtesy payroll services of the Ohio Conference office. Print the form and mail or fax it to the office:
          PO Box 1230, Mount Vernon, OH 43050            Fax: (740) 397-1648

Procedures for New Employees

1. Employer & Employee:  Complete the “COURTESY PAYROLL AGREEMENT” form, which is designed to clarify the expectations of all parties. Keep a copy for your files.  Effective January 1, 2015, the Ohio minimum wage is $8.10 per hour.  Courtesy Payroll Agreement Form

2. Employee:  Complete the W-4 and IT-4 forms, which will provide us with the information necessary to withhold the proper amount of Federal and State taxes.
Federal W-4 Form       State IT-4 Form

3. Employer & Employee:  Employee: Complete and sign section 1 of the I-9 form.  Employer: Complete section 2 of the I-9 form.  Examine the appropriate original documents (see back of form) of each employee, and then attach copies of these documents to the form when you return it to us.  The INS requires this form must be filled out and dated within 3 days of employment.
Federal I-9 Form

4. Employee:  All employees are required to submit to a background check.
Background checks are performed by Shield the Vulnerable.  The local employer will be billed a small fee for the processing costs. Teacher’s Assistants, Teacher’s Subs, or any other person working around children must complete a National FBI background check, including fingerprinting, prior to their employment start date. Each school has the necessary information for how to process the national background check (click here for information).

5. Employee:  Every new employee must fill in an Ohio new hire form.
Ohio New Hire Form

6. Retirement Plan:  
Employees over the age of 20 and working 19 hours per week or more qualify for full retirement benefits of 5% of total income, plus up to 3% of wages for employer matching if they elect to contribute up to 3%.

The conference will bill the local employer for applicable retirement expenses. Employees who meet the qualifications for retirement must complete the Retirement Enrollment form. Retirement Enrollment Form

7. Direct Deposit: Your check will be directly deposited into your bank account by providing the following information. Direct Deposit Form


Submit a completed “COURTESY PAYROLL REPORT” form to the payroll department once each month.  This report MUST BE IN OUR OFFICE NO LATER THAN THE DATE INDICATED ON THE CURRENT PAYROLL CALENDER in order for it to be included in the payroll for the current month.  Late reports will be held and processed the following month.  If, due to a late report, an employee does not get paid and needs an advance on his/her earnings, it is the responsibility of the local employer to contact the Conference for this advance.  The conference will only issue an advance if they receive a payroll report.  The Conference will then deduct the advance from the employee when he/she is paid by the Conference.

Each report must include a record of the days and hours worked.  Only employees in clearly supervisory or managerial positions are exempt from this hourly reporting requirement.

The employee must sign the form (preferably just below the calendar grid), attesting to the accuracy of the hours being reported.

The employer must then authorize the report by signing it.