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Principal's Questionnaire
Principal's Questionnaire

This questionnaire is for the sole purpose of helping the auditing department get a local perspective of your treasurer. The information shared here will not be given to your local treasurer.

1. How involved would you rate yourself with the finances of your school?
No involvement (Don't understand the Financial Statements)
Low Involvement (The only thing I do is look at the financial statement)
Medium Involvement (I know the funds and how they are used on the financial statement)
High involvement (I contact the treasurer and ask for special reports to clarify the use of funds, and input my advise if I feel there are errors)

2. Do you ever get reimbursed for school expenses? If yes does your treasurer require you to provide receipts before you receive reimbursement?
Yes I do get reimbursed, and I need to provide a receipt first.
Yes I do get reimbursed, but I do not need to provide a receipt

3. Does your school give a receipt for all the money that it receives?

4. Have you ever had a parent remark that their receipt or statement was wrong? If yes how often and what was the complaint?
Yes, please explain below.
If you answered yes, please explain.

5. Does your treasurer always have a printed financial statement ready for the board meeting?

6. Please give any other feed back as to your thoughts on your treasurer's performance.

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