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Research and Special Projects
We are here to help pastors and congregations conduct a community assessment and find new, creative ways to be more effective in outreach.

Services we provide:
    Basic demographic report
    Religious profile of your county
    Survey of your congregation (customized to the topics you need)
    Survey of the general public in your area
    Community Study Team
    Comprehensive psychographic data from Percept Group
    Specialized research tailored to particular goals

Training we provide:
    Understanding Your Community
    Starting a Community-Based Ministry
    Community Action Leadership
    Friendship Evangelism
    Small Group Outreach
    Family Life Evangelism

Seminars we do for the general public:
    Personality and Personal Success
    Couple Communication
    Walk Through the New Testament (in one day)
    Walk Through the Old Testament (in one day)
    Community Organizer training
    Disaster Recovery training

We can provide customized training for lay leaders and ministry teams in your local church in all areas of outreach and community-based ministry. We are willing to enter into a journey with your team as you develop your project and meet with you for a monthly session.

Monte Sahlin, Director

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