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Welcome to the home for Men's Ministries in the Ohio Conference.

Our coordinator is Ken Franklin, and he may be reached at 440.669.4499 or ohioswildlifesolution@gmail.com

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Annual Men's Retreat at Mohaven May 19-21, 2017!

Courage to Stand with Dr. Ron Halvorsen Jr
Where have all the mighty men of God gone? Men who knew the Lord was their strength and their power? Men who will live that which they preach? Will you stand for the Lord and be that man?
These questions and more will be answered at the upcoming Ohio Conference Men’s Retreat on May 19-21, 2017 at Camp Mohaven in Danville, Ohio. Men in today’s world face unique challenges, and this retreat offers all ages the opportunity to share and encourage one other moving forward – to become a band of brothers, striving to be God’s “mighty men.” Guest speaker will be Ron Halvorsen Jr, Ohio Conference president. Halvorsen’s theme for the weekend is Courage to Stand where he will masterfully share the stories of courage of the men in Daniel 3, Numbers 13, and Joshua 14.
Dr. Ron Halvorsen JrThe Ohio Conference Men’s Retreat is designed to help every man build and strengthen their relationship with Jesus. Using biblical principles, hands-on activities and open communication, retreat leaders inspire men to embrace their God-given masculinity – changing hearts, marriages, families, churches and more.


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For more info contact Ken Franklin 440.669.4499 or ohioswildlifesolution@gmail.com OR Dave Robinson 740.599.6111 or campmohavenman@gmail.com.

Men enjoyed their annual Ohio Conference Men’s Retreat on May 29-31, 2015 at Camp Mohaven in Danville, Ohio. 


For more information on Men's Ministries in the North American Division, visit www.emale.org.

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