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Ohio Adventist Book Center Closed


The Pacific Press Publishing Association (PPPA), which has owned and operated the Ohio Adventist Book Center since 2003, has announced its plans to close the Ohio operation at the end of December, 2013.  

"We have appreciated the wide range of services that the PPPA has provided our membership through the ABC," observed Raj Attiken, Ohio Conference president.  "We are also pleased that both the Pacific Press and the Review and Herald Publishing Association will continue to provide services directly to our members via their websites and telephone call-center. "
In 2003, the PPPA purchased the assets and inventory of the Ohio ABC and assumed responsibility for its operation, including the hiring of management and staff.  The retail space that housed the ABC was leased to the PPPA by the Ohio Conference.    The option of repurchasing the ABC was considered by the Ohio Conference Finance Committee and Executive Committee in December 2013.   After careful examination of finances, both committees voted to not pursue this option.
The Ohio Conference has been assured by the PPPA that there will be no interruption to our local churches' standing orders for Sabbath School quarterlies and other periodicals.  These orders will continue to be filled by Pacific Press and the Review & Herald.  The same will be true for textbook orders.  Members will continue to receive various advertisements and catalogs.  Devotional and other reading resources will still be available via AdventistBookCenter.com and AdventistEBooks.com and the 1.800.765.6955 order phone number.